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  • Affirmation vs. Mantra: What's the difference?

    Many people interchange the words "mantra" and "affirmation". They are similar in the fact that they are both used for mindfulness practices, but they are actually quite a bit different!
  • Affirmations for Every Relationship Status during the "Month of Love"

    One great way to better relationships is by maintaining a mindset of positivity and gratitude through the use of affirmations. When paired practiced in combination with other mindfulness habits, affirmations can help to increase your sense of peace and clarity, as well as your ability to have positive interactions with others.
  • The Power of Positive Affirmations

    Affirmations are present-tense declarations about the life you want to live, repeated regularly. These statements help you change the way you think and feel about your life situation, your relationships and yourself. Infusing these positive declarations into your daily life in the form of written or spoken "affirmations" is extremely helpful for overall mental health and wellbeing. When you speak positive words to yourself, you enhance your internal locus of control, see yourself in a more positive light, and establish a positive mindset to help you create a life you love.
  • Where to begin with Affirmations

    I wish I could tell you one of those unbelievable stories about how I started speaking affirmations and then - BAM - I got everything I was writing down overnight…

    but I think we all know that overnight glory isn’t the “proof” that affirmations work, nor is it even the point.